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Mercy and Judgement

There are Two Narratives That Define Our Lives: One of Mercy and the Other Judgement.


The narratives of mercy and judgement are common in the Abrahamic Religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Law of Moses is the mediator of God’s judgement and mercy.

In todays world, judgement seems to be trumping mercy. This has become a serious business for the Christian Church, making sure that everyone knows what it means to be a Biblical Christian, judgement and all.

So what if there was another way, a way that spoke of Mercy and No Judgement? 

According to the teaching of Jesus, in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, there was no Judgement, only Mercy. (Luke 15:11-32)

The story of the woman who wet the feet of Jesus with her tears, washing the tears away with her hair, kissed His feet and anointed Him with perfume. This is Mercy without Judgement. For the Pharisees, their behavior was judgement enough; “I entered your house and you gave me no water, you gave me no kiss, you did not anoint my head with oil.” Luke 7:36-50

Is it possible that judgement comes from us; our behavior, our opinions, our mis-beliefs, our own separated from God, sinful, ego realities?  

If we return to the Beginning of the Incarnation, at the Union of Divinity with humanity, with the Conception of Jesus. You will see that God entered this World to Fulfill the Law of Moses, to show Mercy, to welcome each one of us home without Judgement.

We need to rethink Christianity, not as one of many religions, but Faith in a God who really does take away our sins, returning each one of us to Holiness, making us Whole again, this is Mercy without Judgement.


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Ego Trumps Christianity

During this Presidential Election, everything promised to the American people by Donald Trump, came from EGO! Evangelical Christians swallowed it hook, line and sinker. 


Because they, like President Elect Donald Trump, stood tall, surveyed the world around them, and proudly, without apology, passed judgment on everyone and everything that scared them and that they didn’t like. They did this with a strong evangelical and Biblical conviction, but what they didn’t realize was that this reality represents EGO, reflecting things that are self-serving, self-created, and self-sustaining.

I am surprised that ego has this far of reach.

But I shouldn’t be surprised, the teaching of Jesus Christ introduced us, to another way of seeing and another way of hearing, but for the past 2000 years, Evangelical Christians have remained clueless about this alternate Reality. This Biblical mandate to be like Christ, to See like Christ, and to listen like Christ has gone unnoticed. 

What we need to realize is that there are only two realities, one created by ego and the other by God.

Our reality is about us; what we are thinking about, worrying about, fearful of. This election has shown us that we are afraid of change and that we hope that we can return to the way things used to be, 60 years ago.

God’s Reality however, is best Revealed by the Person of Jesus Christ.

This Reality is Hidden from those who assume that know the answer to, W.W.J.D.?

The Presence of God is our Deepest Reality, and from this depth, a light shines and a love flows, this Reality, trumps any reality that we can make up.



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Bringing People Into the Presence of God

The most fundamental thing anyone can do is to bring is to bring a person into the Presence of God, and leave them there.

The Eternal Promise Thomas Kelly page 38

Thomas Kelly is the guy who changed my life. If you read my “About Tim” page, you will remember this quote:

“Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul,

A holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking Voice,

to which we may continually return.”     

When I read the words that Tom Kelly had written seventy years earlier, my understanding shifted from an external reality, focused on the world-out-there, to a Reality of the Presence of God at the very center of my Soul. Literally, what God did with Tom’s words, was to bring me into His Presence, and leave me there. In fact that is where I have remained ever since.

The Presence of God is and always has been our Deepest Reality, we just turned away from it, and opted for a reality that we make-up and control, it’s called ego. 

What would Christian Evangelism look like if we trusted that the Holy Spirit would reveal to us and to others the Love of God and the Indwelling Presence of God? Do we have Faith in the Incarnation; (as the Union of Divinity with humanity), to invite people into that Indwelling Presence of God and leave them there?

To that I say Yes and Amen. 

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The How and the Why of The Incarnation and Our Salvation

God’s Incarnation and our Salvation, are inextricably linked in method and  purpose, in how and why; and none of it can be undone by sin, satan or the wily antics of ego. Let me explain:

Christianity is the most transformative of all religions, however it has been absconded by a self-created ego reality that gazes out-there >>>>> making incomplete assumptions and short-sited conclusions about the  the Incarnation and our Salvation; “Jesus was Born and Jesus Died and Jesus was Raised from the Dead and Jesus went to Heaven, so now I need to be Born-Again, so I can go to Heaven and be with Jesus, and see all of my friends and families and pets, who have gone before me. Amen” 

But the purpose of all of this is much more personal and profound.

The ‘method’ and ‘how’ of the Incarnation and our Salvation, ask some very important question. By what means was God Incarnate? From what source comes our Salvation? What form did the Incarnation take? To what extent and degree did it impact the problem of sin and separation? What state or condition did it address? What meaning does it hold for each one of us? Does God’s method limit, who Salvation is available to?  

Now let’s consider the ‘purpose’ and ‘why’. What was God’s intention behind becoming Incarnate? What was achieve? What mystery surrounds this why? What was God’s motive behind the Incarnation? What insight does the Parables of Jesus teach us about God’s purpose? Is there a foundational why, behind God’s method of Saving us? Does your Testimony hint at the how and the why of God’s intent? Is the Ground of your Salvation the same Ground as God’s Incarnation? Is there evidence of God’s Purpose in your life?  

The method, purpose, how and why, of the Incarnation and our Salvation are both found in the Union of Divinity with humanity at the Conception of Jesus. 

Twenty-three and a half years ago today, my life changed forever! This was the day that I read the sentence from A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly, about the Inner Sanctuary of the Soul. You can read about this experience in the “About Tim” page of my blog.

Needless to say, God’s purpose for this powerful experience is still being revealed. With this odd and unexplainable Presidential Election in the United States, the upheaval in all of the World, I am  more convinced than ever that God is calling us to a new understanding of the “How and the Why” of the Incarnation and our Salvation. It’s of paramount importance that we come to grips with ego and it’s historic ability to distract us from the how and the why of God’s True Intention of the Incarnation and our Salvation.

This is a season, for a new understanding with New Eyes and New Ears.   

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,

If we are fearfully and wonderful made, why don’t we act like it.

“You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works, and of that, my soul knows very well.” Psalms 139: 13-14

Why then, do we walk around as a secular version of this Divine Being, in whom’s Image we were Created? For what reason do we assume that we don’t share in God Reality, by believing in and hanging onto, a self-created, self-centered, self-aggrandizing ego reality? When did we start assuming that this most intimate, loving and life giving God, is out there in the atmosphere someplace, and not at the very center of our being?

David wrote this Awe-some Psalms some 3,000 years ago, and his understanding of God and how he was created in his mother’s womb, is more compelling than our current sophisticated understanding reproduction and birth. 

What we are missing is, Wonder and Awe.   

I just ran across something that I wrote 15 years ago:

Who we are is a gift from God, defined by Christ, made real by the Holy Spirit. The thought of us doing better than that is absurd. October 26, 2001.


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