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There are Two Narratives That Define Our Lives: One of Mercy and the Other Judgement.


The narratives of mercy and judgement are common in the Abrahamic Religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Law of Moses is the mediator of God’s judgement and mercy.

In todays world, judgement seems to be trumping mercy. This has become a serious business for the Christian Church, making sure that everyone knows what it means to be a Biblical Christian, judgement and all.

So what if there was another way, a way that spoke of Mercy and No Judgement? 

According to the teaching of Jesus, in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, there was no Judgement, only Mercy. (Luke 15:11-32)

The story of the woman who wet the feet of Jesus with her tears, washing the tears away with her hair, kissed His feet and anointed Him with perfume. This is Mercy without Judgement. For the Pharisees, their behavior was judgement enough; “I entered your house and you gave me no water, you gave me no kiss, you did not anoint my head with oil.” Luke 7:36-50

Is it possible that judgement comes from us; our behavior, our opinions, our mis-beliefs, our own separated from God, sinful, ego realities?  

If we return to the Beginning of the Incarnation, at the Union of Divinity with humanity, with the Conception of Jesus. You will see that God entered this World to Fulfill the Law of Moses, to show Mercy, to welcome each one of us home without Judgement.

We need to rethink Christianity, not as one of many religions, but Faith in a God who really does take away our sins, returning each one of us to Holiness, making us Whole again, this is Mercy without Judgement.


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