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God’s Incarnation and our Salvation, are inextricably linked in method and  purpose, in how and why; and none of it can be undone by sin, satan or the wily antics of ego. Let me explain:

Christianity is the most transformative of all religions, however it has been absconded by a self-created ego reality that gazes out-there >>>>> making incomplete assumptions and short-sited conclusions about the  the Incarnation and our Salvation; “Jesus was Born and Jesus Died and Jesus was Raised from the Dead and Jesus went to Heaven, so now I need to be Born-Again, so I can go to Heaven and be with Jesus, and see all of my friends and families and pets, who have gone before me. Amen” 

But the purpose of all of this is much more personal and profound.

The ‘method’ and ‘how’ of the Incarnation and our Salvation, ask some very important question. By what means was God Incarnate? From what source comes our Salvation? What form did the Incarnation take? To what extent and degree did it impact the problem of sin and separation? What state or condition did it address? What meaning does it hold for each one of us? Does God’s method limit, who Salvation is available to?  

Now let’s consider the ‘purpose’ and ‘why’. What was God’s intention behind becoming Incarnate? What was achieve? What mystery surrounds this why? What was God’s motive behind the Incarnation? What insight does the Parables of Jesus teach us about God’s purpose? Is there a foundational why, behind God’s method of Saving us? Does your Testimony hint at the how and the why of God’s intent? Is the Ground of your Salvation the same Ground as God’s Incarnation? Is there evidence of God’s Purpose in your life?  

The method, purpose, how and why, of the Incarnation and our Salvation are both found in the Union of Divinity with humanity at the Conception of Jesus. 

Twenty-three and a half years ago today, my life changed forever! This was the day that I read the sentence from A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly, about the Inner Sanctuary of the Soul. You can read about this experience in the “About Tim” page of my blog.

Needless to say, God’s purpose for this powerful experience is still being revealed. With this odd and unexplainable Presidential Election in the United States, the upheaval in all of the World, I am  more convinced than ever that God is calling us to a new understanding of the “How and the Why” of the Incarnation and our Salvation. It’s of paramount importance that we come to grips with ego and it’s historic ability to distract us from the how and the why of God’s True Intention of the Incarnation and our Salvation.

This is a season, for a new understanding with New Eyes and New Ears.   

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