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The most fundamental thing anyone can do is to bring is to bring a person into the Presence of God, and leave them there.

The Eternal Promise Thomas Kelly page 38

Thomas Kelly is the guy who changed my life. If you read my “About Tim” page, you will remember this quote:

“Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul,

A holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking Voice,

to which we may continually return.”     

When I read the words that Tom Kelly had written seventy years earlier, my understanding shifted from an external reality, focused on the world-out-there, to a Reality of the Presence of God at the very center of my Soul. Literally, what God did with Tom’s words, was to bring me into His Presence, and leave me there. In fact that is where I have remained ever since.

The Presence of God is and always has been our Deepest Reality, we just turned away from it, and opted for a reality that we make-up and control, it’s called ego. 

What would Christian Evangelism look like if we trusted that the Holy Spirit would reveal to us and to others the Love of God and the Indwelling Presence of God? Do we have Faith in the Incarnation; (as the Union of Divinity with humanity), to invite people into that Indwelling Presence of God and leave them there?

To that I say Yes and Amen. 

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